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Top Herbier Ita

Developing key competencies in the classroom is essential if children are to be equipped with the skills and capabilities which will help them do well in life. In this unit plan students are asked to make a herbarium of pressed leaves. This is an interdisciplinary classroom activity which uses science, Italian L2, art and design and technology. Its completion allows students to play an active role in the learning process and acquire interpersonal skills through doing; it also builds and draws on what they know about natural science through research and observation. In addition, it improves their linguistic skills in Italian. All this is achieved by engaging students in the authentic activity of creating a herbarium.

Written by Anna Maria Crimi

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Valentine's Day


14th of February is a very important date and which children have learned about since they were toddlers. Shops, coffee shops, Tv shows are full of roses, love hearts and kisses, so ...

September 27: World Tourism Day

Tourism _eli _la _spiga


To revise vocabulary related to holiday types.
To present and practise the language of holiday activities.
To give the students speaking practice using travel and holidays as the theme.
To practise the language of persuading.
To practise the language needed to work in a travel agency.


TIMING: 40-60 minutes (or 2 separate lessons where part A is done in the first and part B is done in the second. If the students are already familiar with travel agencies and the necessary language, then go straight to part B)

Written by Tracey Sinclair

Sleeping Positions


Did you know that the position you sleep in describes your personality?
Match the picture of the sleeping position to the character description of the sleeper...

Written by Tracey Sinclair

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World Water Day – March 22


According to the UN, 7.5 litres of water a day is enough for every person’s basic water needs. However, around 20 litres a day are needed if we also take into account things like hygiene. Where is this fresh water all coming from?

That’s the point of today. March 22, World Water Day...

Written by Tracey Sinclair

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