Data Privacy/Protection Day – January 28

Data Privacy Protection Day – January 28

Privacy laws differ from country to country. However, many countries share a belief in protecting underage children from making mistakes such as putting their surnames on the internet so laws are made, and January 28 is an international day dedicated to privacy and protection. What should we teach our pupils? 

Making a poster in class about the dangers of talking to strangers (Stranger Danger) is an interactive way of drawing their attention to the possible dangers of the internet or on the street. Talk to them about why we don’t give out real names, our ages, our school name or any passwords to unknown people. We don’t talk to people we don’t know in the street even when we can see their faces so imagine why we don’t give out personal information over the internet! We also need to encourage our pupils to talk to a parent or guardian if someone we don’t know asks too many questions wherever we meet them. Some pupils talk more easily to a peer than to an adult so as teachers we need to be aware that telling an adult about what someone else said is perfectly all right. There are laws created to protect children though protection starting with the children themselves is often the best policy – prevention is better than cure!

1) Make posters warning about ‘Stranger Danger’
2) Make a list of things we can give to people we don’t know (invented names, invented address, invented school names, etc) to help give positivity to this topic rather than to talk about the “don’ts”
3) What is the age at which you are considered an adult in your country? Is it different from other countries? Is privacy and protection different if you are an adult or a minor?


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